Six standards of being healthy


To consider a person whether is healthy, here are some standards for your reference:

  1.  Front Head is cold, limbs are warm in all seasons (Yin Yang balanced---energy moves normally around the body).

  2. Good appetite. You can self-control on eating  balanced stomach vital energy), and feel the good taste of food (sufficient spleen vital energy)

  3.  Sleep well means good heart function. You can fall asleep easily without waking up (it means sufficient blood in heart and liver). Sweating normally indicates balanced heart vital energy. If you can feel the skin warm in winter and cool in summer during sleeping, it shows sufficient vital energy on skin layers.

  4.  You have one bowel movement in the morning every day (good intestinal system functions)

  5.  Having light yellow urine about 5- 7 times in day time (according to seasons), without urine at night during sleeping (sufficient kidney vital energy).

  6. Being energetic in daytime (sufficient lung vital energy)

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