Patients notices


Please note that we do not treat followings :

  • People who do not believe Chinese medicine, but wants to be cured on next day after taking herbal remedies for only one day.

  • People who is taking western and Chinese  medicines at the same time.

  • People who knows a little bit Chinese medical theory,  and would like to challenge doctor’s prescription.

  • People who do not take the Chinese medicines on  time, or always take them for a while, then stop, or have own ideas on how to take the remedies.

  • People who is easily affected by incorrect information online or what friends are saying, then come back to challenge doctor’s prescription.

  • People who is always asking the same question, or do not follow doctor’s recommendation.

  • People who are taking a lot of different medications or supplements after learning from other people or sources about benefits of taking them. When these people have any health issues, they will adopt wrong ways and make the cases complicated.  

  • People who normally take a lot of unnecessary medications or supplements. When they have health issues, they will come to ask doctor what medicines/supplements they can take.

  • People who use chemotherapy or surgeries firstly before seeing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors. Because these    people believe western medications more. If they take Chinese medicines  and it is not getting better, they will blame on TCM doctors without challenging western medical practitioners that might lead to the terminated stage. It is not a fair case.  So please do not make a booking.   

    Thank you for your understanding and wish everyone a good health.

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